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Initial 30-Minute Consultation


Fully refundable, if you don’t find value or fit, by the end of the initial 30-minute exploration and consultation.


This $125 initial consultation fee is for the first 30 minutes with one of our LinkedIn experts, to find out about your objectives, time frame, needs, wants, goals, pain points and all other information you are willing to share with us that is relevant to improving your LinkedIn profile.

Before the end of this 30-minute session, we will provide you with a roadmap about what services we can provide for your specific needs, based on the information provided by you.

If we believe there is a good fit by the end of this initial exploration, discussion and consultation, this $125 will be applied to the balance due for purchasing any of the service packages listed on the Products Page.

If there is a lack of fit and you decide not to continue with us by the end of the 30-minute session, this $125 is fully refundable, within two business weeks after the initial 30-minute session.

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