Put Your Best Foot Forward On LinkedIn

With an improved LinkedIn profile, you're empowered to seek:

More than a profile → your branded best self.

More than a business → a unique brand.

More than a job → fulfilling work.

More than a career → best fit for your skills.

When your light shines through your LinkedIn personal brand,

You will attract more leads, clients, and sales,

Or get your dream job,

Or grow your network and influence.

Serving Businesses and Professionals

– Are you an experienced, growth-minded professional, executive or a business owner?

– Do you serve any of these types of clients: small businesses, mid sized companies, corporate America, professional services, family offices, technology start-ups,  or non-profit organizations?

The first place to start is a branded LinkedIn profile.

More Leads. More Sales. More Opportunities.

Be your LinkedIn best!

4 LinkedIn Profile Optimization Packages

"Bronze" - Career Starter

– Headline

– About (Summary)

– Current Experience

– Skills

First Steps.

"Silver" - Get Noticed

– Headline

– About (Summary)

– Current Experience

– Skills

Essentials. Strategically branded.

A yellow full moon and blades of grass in a dark night, this photo is the background for listing what is covered in “Complete Profile” LinkedIn narratives and strategies and content writing services offered by www.10PlusProfile.com, under www.10PlusBrand.com, a branding and brand-marketing company owned by Joanne Tan, which used to be called Joanne Tan Visual Branding. The Complete Profile adds skills, all prior work experience, volunteer work, language skills, endorsements, recommendations, publications listed on LinkedIn, as well as portraits consultation, background cover photo selection, to the Bare Essentials’ headline, summary, and current experience.

"Gold" - Above the Crowd

– Everything in “Silver”, plus:

– Prior Work Experience

– Non-Work Experience

– Image Consulting

– Banner Photo & Banner Tagline

A complete profile.

A large, round, bright and silver Moon over the waves of a nightly ocean that splashes ashore. This photo is the background for the content about the best value package for LinkedIn content creation, all verbal and visual, with business strategies, insights, go-to market analysis, customer profile analysis, short term and long term business planning advising and consulting, as well as monthly digital marketing, influencer marketing and social media content marketing enable by AI and machine learning. This is the jewel of the crown of www.10PlusProfile.com entire line of LinkedIn related products and services.

"Platinum" - Influencer

– Everything in “Gold”, plus:

– Company Page

Profile + Company Page. Authority & thought leader. 

"Help You Beat the Pandemic" Special - Expires December 31st, 2021

To help many people impacted by Covid-19, we have marked down prices for all 3 packages (Silver, Gold, Platinum).

  • Are you recently furloughed, unemployed due to the Pandemic?

  • Are you a business owner seeking to change products or services due to Coronavirus?

  • Are you seeking to grow into different capacities in established organizations, switching careers, or starting a self-owned business?

We get you closer to your goals. We improve LinkedIn profiles for professionals, employees, employers, business owners, mid-level managers.

4 Packages

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Career Starter Essentials Complete Profile Profile + Company Page
"First Steps" "Get Noticed" "Above the Crowd" "Influencer"
Was $650.00
$550 /one-time
Was $995.00
$749 /one-time
Was $2,400.00
$1,750 /one-time
Was $3,100.00
$2,250 /one-time
  Current Experience
Current Experience
  Prior Work Experience
Prior Work Experience 1-2
  Prior Work Experience 3-4
Prior Work Experience 3-4
  Non-Work Experience
Non-Work Experience
  Image Consulting
Image Consulting
  Banner Photo
Banner Photo
  Banner Tagline
Banner Tagline
  Company Page
Company Page
  Curated Content

AI Enabled Digital Marketing Subscription

– Monthly Original Blogging

– Weekly Curated Content & Social Media Marketing (4-5 posts/wk)

  • Our team builds and markets your own LinkedIn brands. We decode your brand DNA, create strategic narratives after honing your unique value propositions with in-depth research and analysis.  We then amplify your brand’s verbal and visual messages with brand stories, videos, blogs, SEO, websites and other social media marketing technology.

  • We are the brainpower outside your own “forest”, with an analytical and brand-marketing mindset, we help you put your best foot forward on LinkedIn to reach your goals. The 10 Plus Profile Team have years of experience serving business owners, seasoned professionals, career changers, profile enhancers and job seekers on LinkedIn.  We contribute our strategic thinking, story-telling and SEO keywords expertise to make your profile stand out and connect with those who matter to you.

  • Our branding experts are trained in business, law, insurance, professional journalist editing and designing, professional photographic artistry, executive coaching and brand strategizing. Our team members include high quality ghost writers, top 1% brand identity experts, graphic designers, video professionals and business consultants.  We offer comprehensive and holistic content structure and deep expertise for maximizing your LinkedIn brand power.

Time To Update Your LinkedIn Profile?

Covid-19 has made doing-business-online a necessity.  More than ever, people rely on your and your company’s LinkedIn profiles to get their first impression, upon which they base their buying or hiring decisions.  They may be your potential prospects, clients, employers, recruiters, collaborators and referral partners.  We help you establish trust and competence for your target audience and build your LinkedIn brand equity.

Check and see if you’re experiencing any of the following:   

1. Not getting enough clients;

2. Switching careers, or looking for a new job, need to revise LinkedIn’s content;

3. Starting your own businesses, or changing some aspects of your existing self-owned business;

4. Preparing for a promotion or a position of different capacity;

5. Your current profile needs to be updated and you need an “outside your forest” perspective;

6. Wanting to impress your target audience but don’t know how to best use stories & keywords;

7. Need to have a better headshot and/or a background banner photo, all in harmony with your brand;

8. Would like to be actively posting quality content but don’t have time to write your own blogs or even select articles written by others;

9. Wanting to be regarded as an expert in your field on LinkedIn but don’t know about what to do and/or lack strategies;

10. Your LinkedIn profile does not reflect your values, skills and brand persona. You need trained eyes to probe your unique value propositions, and magnify them for your target audience.

We Make Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out

Decode. Create. Amplify.