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LinkedIn Profile Optimization Services

LinkedIn Headshot

Be your LinkedIn best, visually

Our photography and image consulting services, customized for the unique you, are offered only in the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley. Please call for an appointment. Prices vary depending on if your headshot is taken in our studio or on your location. 

More than a headshot, our award-winning professional photographic artist and image consultant advice about how your personal brand connects to your target audience in visual and subconscious ways, and how best highlight your brand’s persona with your portrait’s authentic visual language. 

Your personal brand portrait is a combination of your unique image, psychographic analysis of your target audience, and visual artistry. 

Here are some before-and-after LinkedIn portraits.  For more portraits samples, please visit

Personal branding through artistic & professional LinkedIn headshot photography, by expert photographer Joanne Z. Tan, adds brand power to individuals profiles.
Personal branding with photos for websites, LinkedIn profiles for attorneys, accountants, consultants, doctors, dentists, insurance agents, real estate brokers.
Personal branding for professionals, fractional CFOs, leadership coaches, residential real estate agents, CEOs, entrepreneurs, mortgage loan brokers, engineers
Personal branding by 10 Plus Brand's global brand strategist, branding expert, award-winning photographer Joanne Z. Tan is both verbal & visual content creation
Personal branding w professional LinkedIn headshots by Joanne Z. Tan,, for those changing jobs or careers, seeking promotions or advancement.
Personal branding based on an individual's inner authentic spirit rather than youth & superficiality, as evidence by this interior designer's LinkedIn headshot.
LinkedIn profile preparation & improvement for your next career move - 10 Plus Profile's brand builder Joanne Z. Tan uplifts Linkedin personal & business brands

"Bronze" - Career Starter

– Headline

– About (Summary)

– Current Experience

– Skills

First Steps.

The Bronze Package is for those who are taking their first steps on their career paths, looking for their first full time jobs, or for startup founders and entrepreneurs.  By focusing on your current work experience, skill sets, summary and headline, we present your value propositions to your prospective employers, recruiters, customers, or referral partners.


With a coherent strategy and in your own brand’s authentic voice, we use Google keywords to make your profile not only findable by your target audience but also unique and impressive. 


Make your LinkedIn brand the best first impression that opens doors for you, not the last impression that understates and undervalues your very own personal brand.

"Silver" - Get Noticed

– Headline

– About (Summary)

– Current Experience

– Skills

Essentials. Strategically branded.

The Silver Package has your current work experience, summary and headline, which are most relevant for your profile’s target audience, who may be your prospects, employers, recruiters, customers, or collaborators. 

These parts are the most basic and important LinkedIn content.  More than just a profile, we help you get your STRATEGIES based on thorough analyses of your market positioning, value propositions and brand persona, then we get your BRAND messages across to those who matter. 

We create your own unique voice that tells your unique stories. Your narratives will be both substantive and SEO savvy.

LinkedIn profile individual brand building & company business page branding is a part of 10 Plus Brand digital content brand marketing & influencer marketing.

"Gold" - Above the Crowd

– Everything in “Silver”, plus:

– Prior Work Experience

– Non-Work Experience

– Image Consulting

– Banner Photo & Banner Tagline

A complete profile.

The Gold Package has all the crucial elements in “Silver”, as well as all your relevant prior work experience and carefully chosen skills in support of your strategies.  

Other non-work experience, activities, educational and personal information will be presented with a holistic view and brand tactics for advancing your goals. 

We consult about visual background image and LinkedIn headshot, and come up with a tagline if required by the profile owner, about the brand’s essence for the banner image. The visual effects will multiply and enhance verbal narratives, to put your best LinkedIn foot forward and turn your profile into a customized lead generation tool.

LinkedIn profile tips for improving business & personal branding for executive coaches, professionals, CPAs, attorneys

"Platinum" - Influencer

– Everything in “Gold”, plus:

– Company Page

Profile + Company Page. Authority & thought leader. 

The Platinum Package is value packed and comprehensive, designed for business owners who also have a company page on LinkedIn. This is the jewel of the crown of our entire line of LinkedIn products and services. We build your LinkedIn brand equity. As your brand promoter and influence builder, we use curated and originally ghost-written blogs to enhance your status in your industry as an influencer, authority and leader.

Platinum consists of: 

Profiling:  We help you create and revise your LinkedIn Company Page in addition to the personal page of the company’s leader, usually the owner, CEO, President, or Chair of the board of the company.  Different business strategies and brand-marketing tactics are used for the Company Page. We advise you about your business strategies, go-to market, customer profile analysis, short term and long term business planning, business brand persona and brand positioning, etc.

More Leads. More Sales. More Opportunities.

Be your LinkedIn best!

4 Packages

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Career Starter Essentials Complete Profile Profile + Company Page
"First Steps" "Get Noticed" "Above the Crowd" "Influencer"
  Current Experience
Current Experience
  Prior Work Experience
Prior Work Experience 1-2
  Prior Work Experience 3-4
Prior Work Experience 3-4
  Non-Work Experience
Non-Work Experience
  Image Consulting
Image Consulting
  Banner Photo
Banner Photo
  Banner Tagline
Banner Tagline
  Company Page
Company Page
  Curated Content

AI Enabled Digital Marketing Subscription

– Monthly Original Blogging

– Weekly Curated Content & Social Media Marketing (4-5 posts/wk)

Digital marketing subscription: Digital marketing Subscription is available only for Platinum “Profile + Company Page” customers. 

The way to build leadership and stature online is by creating substantive content and with persistent and regular online marketing. The second part is where we become your “stature enhancer” in your industry. As your “marketing arm”, we consistently push out high quality organic and original blogs, regularly manage your LinkedIn account as your “alter ego”.  With an annual subscription plan, you can rely on us to regularly deliver tailor-made, ghost-written content and other products and services of digital marketing, influencer marketing and social media marketing enabled by AI and machine learning, as well as customized with skilled human writing: 

1. Weekly Curated Content (4-5 posts/wk)

2. Monthly Original Blogging

3. Weekly Social Media Marketing (4-5 posts/wk)

AI-enabled curated articles are posted by SaaS daily or several times a week. We ghost-write your monthly organic professional articles by telling your brand stories that sound like the music to your target audience’s ears, to help you generate leads and clients by increasing SEO search ability on LinkedIn.

Business Branding

10 Plus Profile is under the “flagship” of 10 Plus Brand Inc., a full service branding and marketing agency. We build and market brands for professional services firms, self-owned and small businesses, mid-market companies, and rebrand post mergers and acquisitions portfolio companies acquired by private equity firms before these restructured companies are listed for sale to new buyers. We act as brand managers, ambassadors, promoters and enhancers for the brands we help build. We decode brand DNA, create strategies, brand narratives as well as brand identities, then amplify brand messaging with content, videos, websites and social media, using AI enabled digital marketing technology, SEO, SEM, PPC and original ghosting writing of high quality blog posts for our clients. 

For all these and other services, please visit our flagship website:

Decode. Create. Amplify.