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Our LinkedIn experts’ skills and experience:

1. More than 10 years of experience in brainstorming, writing, revising, optimizing and editing LinkedIn profiles, creating LinkedIn visual images and videos;

2. Our 10 Plus Profile LinkedIn experts are trained in law, business, insurance, business coaching, professional journalist writing, editing, designing, executive writing and even poetry writing;

3. We have teams of graphic designers, logo and brand identity specialists, ghost writers, SEO, SEM and PPC professionals, professional photographers, digital and social media marketing experts with technology enabled by AI, machine learning and SaaS, video production crews, experienced website designers and developers at your service; Click here to check out our team members.

4. More importantly, we all share this belief:

We rise by lifting others.

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Sample Testimonials

“Joanne Tan is the talented owner of 10+ Brand and well versed in all aspects of brand development for individual service providers and small to medium-sized businesses. Her unique ability to decode the essence of one’s brand, create content that touches the heart of the target market, and to amplify those messages through social media is awesome. Joanne was able to guide me through the decoding process to distill my key messages, work with me and my clients to create several brand videos (content) that tell the story, and further amplify that content through video placements, website blogging and LinkedIn campaigns. Joanne is also a great confidant and advisor with a sharp business mind and is always available to assist and help.” – Glenn Perkins, Executive Forums Silicon Valley Leadership Coach, Strategic Advisor.

“The whole process of working with Joanne gave me such confidence that I wrote 3 new pieces of business, while completing brainstorming and brand-honing work with Joanne. Joanne is a great mix of left and right brain. She works with the right brain and digs deeply into your values and business operations. Then she uses her artistry to create a brand for you. What started as a multi page questionnaire got boiled down to a one page script. The video, website and headshots all bring out your essence in a unified brand. Joanne believes in and sees the best in her clients. She and her teams not only produce my brand messaging content, video, photo, website, she also features my branding video and content on her business website, and refers potential business partners and prospects to me. I recommend her and her teams highly to all business owners who have visions, who know the extraordinary value in brand-marketing.” – Rick Callaway, Principal, Pacific Diversified Commercial Insurance Agency.

“Working with Joanne was an insightful and self-reflective experience. She’s great at creating a process to distill your values, then share with others in a meaningful way. Joanne has also connected me to some really wonderful people, I’m grateful for her friendship and unique perspective.” – Nick Larson, Chief Revenue Officer, Contento.

For more testimonials, please visit: 10plusbrand.com

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We take pride in delivering results for many professionals and businesses, including but not limited to:

  • B2B service providers & professionals: CFOs, executive coaches, business consultants, CPA firms, commercial insurance brokers, independent group health and benefit insurance brokers, attorneys, law firms, M&A specialists, private equity and related financial services, investment bankers.

  • Small or mid sized business owners: CEOs, c-suite or board members, mid-level managers in enterprises and organizations, self-owned businesses, founders of funded technology startups.

  • Other B2B or B2C professionals: Independent business or mortgage loan brokers or bankers, realtors, accountants, tax advisors and other services professionals who serve their corporate clients, privately held small businesses or non-profit organizations.