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We’re Your LinkedIn Strategist, Mentor and Writer

Our LinkedIn experts’ skills and experience:

1. More than 10 years of experience in brainstorming, writing, revising, optimizing and editing LinkedIn profiles, creating LinkedIn visual images and videos;

2. Our 10 Plus Profile LinkedIn experts are trained in law, business, insurance, business coaching, professional journalist writing, editing, designing, executive writing and even poetry writing;

3. We have teams of graphic designers, logo and brand identity specialists, ghost writers, SEO, SEM and PPC professionals, professional photographers, digital and social media marketing experts with technology enabled by AI, machine learning and SaaS, video production crews, experienced website designers and developers at your service; Click here to check out our team members.

4. More importantly, we all share this belief:

We rise by lifting others.

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More Leads. More Sales. More Opportunities.

Be your LinkedIn best!

About Us

10 Plus Profile, as a “subsidiary” of 10 Plus Brand, is founded and led by Joanne Z. Tan, a global branding expert for business brands and personal brands.  Under her leadership, we have won multiple prestigious awards over the years, including 2023 Champion Award and 2023 Global Award from Clutch, a B2B services ranking provider. (Here is our Clutch profile:

Over 10 years, we have created professional brands, business brands, and developed personal branding on LinkedIn for countless companies, post M&A rebranding projects, notables and influencers, business leaders, CEOs, board members, executive coaches, business consultants, B2B services professionals such as CFOs, CPAs, attorneys, entrepreneurs, and career seekers.

Founder and CEO Joanne Z. Tan’s background includes a law degree, expertise in business consultancy and executive coaching, professional journalist editing and designing experience, award-winning photographic artistry. She is also a writer, poet, and painter.

Our teams of talented writers all have a passion for writing. All writers have master’s degrees or law degrees. 

Other teams of content creators, SEO experts, website developers, graphic designers, social media marketers, photographers, videographers all work together to put our clients’ business brands and personal brands above the crowd. 

We believe in results. We measure our success by the fact that our clients win more customers, more influence, more success, more revenues.

Sample Testimonials

“Joanne has done an exceptional job for us. When I first met Joanne, I had recently acquired SKWeston & Company and The Taylor Reach Group and was integrating them into a powerful, unique Customer Experience consulting business. With Joanne’s help, I established the new brand – ApexCX – and articulated the vision and mission for what will hopefully become a household name in CX. Joanne not only helped, she DROVE the creation of our new website and social media presence. It has been amazing!” – Jerry Briggs, CEO, ApexCX

“My Linkedin profile Joanne helped me develop three years ago has gotten a lot of traction. At least from a qualitative standpoint, her work has definitely made a difference: I’m sure much of this had to do with the 25% increase in my clientele year over year. As of now, January 2024 has been very strong – we will have an extraordinary quarter, and I am confident the momentum will continue. Joanne’s approach of “brand-marketing” and not “sales” proves to work. I find that people look at it and remember many things about it – especially the 5 decades of experience. I have been referring others to Joanne and will continue to do so.” – David Leibowitz, Attorney, Lakelaw, LLC.

“We were impressed with their passion, knowledge, and attention to detail. Joanne is a stickler for starting and ending each of our sessions with a concrete deliverable and I found that this stopped me from procrastinating and getting stuff done! Very pleased with their work in content creation for personal and corporate branding, for our digital transformation and advisory services for CXO’s.” – Rumi Contractor, CEO, Board Member, Digital Transformation Expert

“Joanne helped me build my LinkedIn profile and company page. Wow. She has an incredible process for extracting the right information from you to truly build a thoughtful and pointed profile. I can only imagine how it is working with her on the rest of the brand elements. Highly recommended.” – Mark Jordan, Fractional COO, CIO

“As the President of Real Estate Dimensions, a home building, real estate investment, BFR, and consulting company, I hired 10 Plus Brand first to develop my LinkedIn profile, resume, then build a new brand for my new company with DNA decoding and designing a new business name and logo. They are truly no-nonsense. They are always on time and responsive. They move you through a rigorous process, and the results are worthwhile:

They inspired me to be an Entrepreneur with their insights, strategies, and expertise. I developed clarity and vision in this process, in addition to an outstanding Linkedin profile, resume, and corporate identity. Joanne Tan, company’s chief brand strategist, truly understands every aspect of business, and she is a suburb branding expert.”  – Jay Moss, President of Real Estate Dimensions.

“I needed Joanne to help updating my LinkedIn profile, both personal and my company’s. Little did I know that it would take seven brainstorming sessions, after filling out her questionnaire, AND lots of homework after each session. Through this process I got a lot more than a LinkedIn profile: Clarity, vision, strategies, focal clientele, etc. Through Joanne’s telling my stories and analyzing all aspects of my past, present, and future career, the market place, the competitive landscape… I am extremely pleased to have a strong personal and company brand on my LinkedIn. Thank you Joanne!” – Jerry Koller, Residential real estate broker, Orange County, CA

“If you are looking for a brand strategist to partner with your company to craft a “world class”, a strong, customized and effective brand, look no further! Joanne has an amazing process that helped me to up-level my LinkedIn personal & professional profiles. She is one of the most insightful experts in strategic branding & I would highly recommend her!” – Roderick Jefferson, Sales Coach, Authur: “Sales Enablement 3.0”.

“Joanne helped me with my LinkedIn profile, both personal and company pages. She has a process and she made me work hard to get the maximum results. I enjoyed going through the process with Joanne, and I like the results.” – Jay L. Moss

“Joanne has been delightful to work with. She has allowed me to express myself authentically via LinkedIn. Her thoughtfulness, patience, and demeanor made the process a joy, and with great outcome.  I highly recommend Joanne. She is a pleasure and an outstanding expert in her field!” – Neil Doherty, SVP, Aon

“Not only did Joanne help us decode our brand TEP.GLOBAL to depths we had never explored ourselves, she also helped us translate our brand essence into a customized website and social media that sets our boutique consulting apart from everyone else. Her expertise in creating unique verbal and visual positioning has created a unique brand for us. Joanne and her teams of linguists, web developers and SEO experts are on the top of their game. Joanne has deep insight and is a joy to work with. Highly recommended!” – Dr. Vic (Victor Porak de Varna), Executive Recruiter, Corporate People Management Expert

“Joanne Tan and her team at 10 Plus Brand have provided me and my business uniquely excellent services. She helped me to identify and articulate what is what is particular about my services–the DNA of my business–and completely remade my LinkedIn profile. We’re currently working to update my website. Joanne mixes her proven process with a customized sensitivity so as to notice all important nuances and details. Her persistence and single-minded focus make me feel like I’m her only client! If you want to work with someone who’s operating in the sweet spot of her skills, creativity and experience, contact Joanne Tan. And buckle up for a fun and productive experience!” – Dr. Michael Pelfini, Chair, Vistage Executive Team Coaching; Leadership Mentor.

My Goodness, what Joanne is doing with digital marketing my commercial insurance business IS WORKING! About 6 months ago, Joanne and her agency started AI and human intelligence hybrid content marketing on LinkedIn and social media, since then, I have been contacted for services from all over the United States! They told me how impressed they were by both curated content (carefully chosen and summarized by her team,) and my original blogs (ghost-written by Joanne and her 10 Plus Brand, Inc.). In the last 6 years since Joanne started decoding my brand’s DNA and creating my website, my industry and clientele have gone through great changes. She advised me BEFORE the major landscape shifts and created new website content 3 times. I hate to say again, “Joanne, you were right.” Joanne is brilliant! She is not just one of the top 1% branding and marketing experts, she stays ahead of the trend, with cutting edge mind, information, technology AND artistry. I rely on her business acumen and insight for strategies, tactics, technology and her teams’ expertise with Google Core Web Vitals and SEO technicality. I am SO glad that Joanne has been taking care of all my marketing, branding, website, videos, content creation, and strategy development, and will do so for many more years down the road!” -Rick Callaway, Principal, Pacific Diversified Commercial Insurance Agency, CA

Joanne Tan is the talented owner of 10+ Brand and well versed in all aspects of brand development for individual service providers and small to medium-sized businesses. Her unique ability to decode the essence of one’s brand, create content that touches the heart of the target market, and to amplify those messages through social media is awesome. Joanne was able to guide me through the decoding process to distill my key messages, work with me and my clients to create several brand videos (content) that tell the story, and further amplify that content through video placements, website blogging and LinkedIn campaigns. Joanne is also a great confidant and advisor with a sharp business mind and is always available to assist and help.” – Glenn Perkins, Executive Forums Silicon Valley Leadership Coach, Strategic Advisor.

“Joanne is one of the most insightful experts in personal and business branding. She was strategic and visionary in identifying my unique value propositions and in relating them to my future goals. She asked thought-provoking questions in a caring and helpful way during the process of rebranding my LinkedIn profile, bio and resume. I felt genuinely inspired and empowered. After each brainstorming session, I gained clarity about myself, my career goals and what to do to achieve my goals. Her insights and talents were invaluable for anyone seeking others’ wisdom about themselves. Thank you Joanne!”  – Carmen Diep, Financial and Accounting Consultant at Kranz, CPA, CMA.

The journey Joanne took me on, to uncover the grounding principles of who I am and why I am in my profession, gave me the clarity as to my whys. The extensive work, introspective research on who I am, who I have become, is truly empowering. Joanne helped me from my LinkedIn profile, board of director’s bio and resume with clear structures, strategies and precise language. She utilized her artistry to capture the essence of my visual brand with her photographic skills as well. I highly recommend her if you need coaching with LinkedIn, personal branding, or business branding, for individuals or companies.” – Karen L. Clarkson, VP, Ricoh

Joanne wrote my LinkedIn profile and my company page in six brainstorming sessions. She flushed out my business brand and distilled my unique value propositions. She applied SEO Keywords to my business narratives in order to achieve digital marketing optimization. It was extremely helpful. I would not have arrived at that solely on my own. Joanne has high integrity and standards; she delivered much more than she had promised!

BONUS: She is one of the best LinkedIn headshot experts and improved my LinkedIn Portrait tremendously. ” – Dr. Jeffrey Levine, Owner of Dr. Get in Focus

“I was initially apprehensive to listen to others about career moves and profile revamps at this stage in my life. So I tip toed into this ready to bail but quickly found Joanne to be engaging, insightful and most appreciated, very on point. We systematically disassembled my work history and rebuilt it so it now presents a clearer and cleaner value proposition on LinkedIn.

I believe the most important part of the exercise was the re-examination of my career arc and Joanne explaining what I should become, not what I have been and that I should be looking next level not one corridor over. I have a renewed energy about what’s next thanks to Joanne.” – Michael J Cloward, Sales Director, DeCast Streaming

“A huge thank you to Joanne Tan and her team at 10 Plus Brand Inc for all their help throughout a transformational rebranding process. I could not have done this without you. Joanne is an expert at helping you tap into the fundamental building blocks of your brand DNA to clearly express who you are at your core and the unique value you provide. Joanne is tireless in her pursuit of excellence, and she is a true thought partner. She works side-by-side with you every step of the way to bring out the best of what is exclusive to you, your business, and how you serve your clients. Thank you, Joanne!” – Rachel Burr, Leadership Coach, Catamentum.

“The whole process of working with Joanne gave me such confidence that I wrote 3 new pieces of business, while completing brainstorming and brand-honing work with Joanne. Joanne is a great mix of left and right brain. She works with the right brain and digs deeply into your values and business operations. Then she uses her artistry to create a brand for you. What started as a multi page questionnaire got boiled down to a one page script. The video, website and headshots all bring out your essence in a unified brand. Joanne believes in and sees the best in her clients. She and her teams not only produce my brand messaging content, video, photo, website, she also features my branding video and content on her business website, and refers potential business partners and prospects to me. I recommend her and her teams highly to all business owners who have visions, who know the extraordinary value in brand-marketing.” – Rick Callaway, Principal, Pacific Diversified Commercial Insurance Agency.

“Working with Joanne was an insightful and self-reflective experience. She’s great at creating a process to distill your values, then share with others in a meaningful way. Joanne has also connected me to some really wonderful people, I’m grateful for her friendship and unique perspective.” – Nick Larson, Chief Revenue Officer, Contento.

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It's About You

We Help You Get Better Results

We take pride in delivering results for many professionals and businesses, including but not limited to:

  • B2B service providers & professionals: CFOs, executive coaches, business consultants, CPA firms, commercial insurance brokers, independent group health and benefit insurance brokers, attorneys, law firms, M&A specialists, private equity and related financial services, investment bankers.

  • Small or mid sized business owners: CEOs, c-suite or board members, mid-level managers in enterprises and organizations, self-owned businesses, founders of funded technology startups.

  • Other B2B or B2C professionals: Independent business or mortgage loan brokers or bankers, realtors, accountants, tax advisors and other services professionals who serve their corporate clients, privately held small businesses or non-profit organizations.